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Miniature Cavoodles

Exciting news

Rubyleigh Cavoodle waiting list is full for 2017 we are taking orders for late 2018.
If you would like the opportunity to obtain one of these beautiful puppies. Please contact us to secure one.
Lea mob: 0411561331 or email [email protected]

The Cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a miniature or Toy poodle, They have adoring natures and make wonderful family pets and companion dogs due to their gentle nature.

This gives the Cavoodle a wider range of sizes to allow the breed to fit into an even wider range of family circumstances. These beautiful dogs fit into any family routine  and most lifestyles with ease. Cavoodles are very eye catching and loved by all. Both of its parents have a luxurious coat, so this breed’s coat is always luxurious.

The texture of the coat may be curly or feathered. Grooming required for a Cavoodle will depend on the type of coat. All coats require some grooming with the non-shedding Cavoodles also needing to be clipped as the fur does not fall out. Those dogs with poodle like coats will need to be brushed more often than dogs with cavalier like hair. Cavoodles, like all breeds with floppy ears, need to have their ears properly dried after their bath to avoid infections.


Here are our beautiful Miniture Cavoodles from previous litters