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Rubyleigh Designer Dogs breed beautiful dogs we specialise in Groodles, Medium Groodles, Spoodles and Cavoodles

We are small breeders and get great joy out of breeding these beautiful family dogs. We have been breeding dogs for many years
and have become very passionate about these beautiful Breeds.
Rubyleigh puppies have been adopted by wonderful families all over Australia and are arguably one of the best in family dogs.
Our aim is to provide you with a happy, healthy  low shedding puppy that suite your family, yourself and your lifestyle needs.

Groodles,  Spoodles and Cavoodles boast all the qualities you could want in a dog, you can also have a choice as to which
size better suites you, the smaller being The Cavoodle ( Cavalier King Charles x Miniature Poodle)or
Spoodle (English Cocker Spaniel x Miniature Poodle) the medium being The Medium groodle (Golden Retriever X Poodle)
and the largest being The Standard Groodle (Golden Retriever x Standard Poodle) and our English Teddy’s.
Our dogs are happy healthy  and have the most beautiful temperaments, we pride our selves in the care and management of our dogs
and work closely with our vet to ensure they have the best possible health care.

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Regards The Rubyleigh Team
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