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Groodle puppies


Groodle puppies planned for late 2018 and now taking holding deposits.
If you would like the opportunity  to secure one of these beautiful puppies Please call Lea: 0411561331 or use the contact form on this page.

The Groodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever female and Poodle male. There are several Generations of groodles which are as follows F1, F2, and so on and it is helpful to understand what these generation labels mean.

F1 Standard Groodle:
Golden Retriever x Standard Poodle
Average Adult Weight 30kg – 45kg kg and height up to 65 cm to the shoulder

F1 Medium Groodle:

Smaller Golden retriever x Standard Poodle,  Average weight 25-30kg height around 50 – 55cm

F2 Groodles:

F1 Groodle x F1 Groodle

Groodles are generally low shedding or no coat at all, some shed some and others will shed like a golden retriever. It is possible to predict to a point ,whether the puppy will shed, but unfortunately this can not be guaranteed. It is believed that the eyelash length at 6-7 weeks can show potential for non-shedding, those with longer lashes are less likely to shed coat later in life.

Groodles which do not shed will continue to grow a long coat like poodles, so it is important to clip off the coat twice a year. Otherwise if you enjoy spending some bonding time grooming your dog then you would need to groom it at least once a week to keep it free of matts and tangles. Groodles which are able to have full coats do look amazing.

The Groodle is stunning and makes a wonderful family pet or companion, they have such a soft nature and are very intelligent which makes them easy to train. They are faithful loving dogs and great with children.

Rubyleigh is planning for a new litter of Groodles early 2014 , we have recently obtained a beautiful Red Stud Standard Poodle with Imported Bloodlines.

Groodles are quite at home in a regular size back yard with a half hour exercise each day. They have lovely soft wavy coats which can be kept in check by being brushed once a week, you can also have your dog clipped which is very easy and virtually maintenance free.
Groodles do have quite large ears and it is important to keep them clean by simply wiping them out with some ear solution and cotton wool note: DO NOT USE COTTON BUDS as you cold damage their ear drums.

If you would like a Standard Groodle or Medium Groodle pup  please keep checking the Groodle Puppy pages or contact us.

Puppies pictured are from previous litters.


Hi Lea,

Tilly has settled in well, delightful personality, loved by teenage girls and everyone else she meets. A beautiful and intelligent puppy who turns heads wherever she goes.

Thank you for such a beautiful dog,

Best Wishes,

Joy and John