F1b Red/gold hypo allergenic Groodle Puppies, they are ready to go on the 25th of August


These beautiful Puppies are perfect as Family or Therapy Dogs . they are non shedding and have beautiful Soft temperaments.

A real living Teddy Bear….



Groodle, Spoodle & Cavoodle Breeders Australia

At Rubyleigh Designer Dogs, we specialise as Groodle, Spoodle and Cavoodle breeders: The Cutest Puppies around!

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We are Groodle, Spoodle & Cavoodle breeders that get great joy out of breeding these beautiful family dogs. We have been dog breeders for many years and have become very passionate about these beautiful breeds of puppies: Groodle, Spoodle & Cavoodle Puppies, we just love them! Rubyleigh puppies have been adopted by wonderful families all over Australia and are arguably one of the best family dogs.

Our aim is to provide you with a happy, healthy low shedding puppy that will suite your family, yourself and your lifestyle needs.

Rubyleigh Stud dogs all undergo a Full breed Profile Genetic testing to ensure that your Puppy will not be at risk of Genetic Hereditary Diseases.

Puppies will be clear by Parentage.

As Groodle, Spoodle & Cavoodle breeders, we can ensure you that our puppies boast all the qualities you could want in a dog plus you also have a choice as to which size better suites you:

Our Cavoodle, Spoodle & Groodle puppies are happy and have the most beautiful temperaments, which we pride ourselves on as dog breeders. In caring and managing of our speciality breed puppies, we work closely with our vet to ensure they have the best possible health care.

Cavoodle, Groodle and Spoodle puppies: To adopt one of these beautiful puppies, please contact Lea During our Business Hours on 0411 561 331 to place a holding deposit.

Business hours: 9am to  5.30pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am to 12pm.

Rubyleigh Designer Dogs are Proud Members of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders.

Safe4 The leading Veterinary Supplies Company, chosen by Veterinary Surgeons, Breeders, Animal Sanctuaries, Zoo’s, Kennel and Catteries across the World.

Rubyleigh relies on Safe4, to keep our Puppies in clean germ and Virus free environment.

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Love’ em  have kindly supplies Rubyleigh  with information packs  for new puppy owners  to start their puppies on healthy Treats for training or just to say I Love you. 

We love Love’em…..