About Rubyleigh Designer Dogs

Rubyleigh is situated near Goulburn NSW, we are small breeders and we are very proud and excited to be breeding such beautiful dogs,, The Standard Groodle , The Medium Groodle , The Spoodle and the Cavoodle.

Here at Rubyleigh we have a passion for breeding these beautiful dogs and we have done much research. To obtain top quality Pedigree breeding stock, with happy, playful and loving personalities with temperaments to match.

All the Stud dogs at Rubyleigh undergo a Full Breed Profile Genetic Testing to ensure your Puppy is free of any Genetic Hereditary diseases. So all puppies will be clear by Parentage.

Rubyleigh pride ourselves in providing the best possible care for our dogs to ensure they are Happy, healthy and in high spirits.

We ensure that our facilities come within the animal practices guidelines our dogs have the 1 acre paddock for them to socialise, play with one another, and be able to run freely with their play mates each day.  We feel that it is very important for the dogs to have companionship and playmates as well as lots of  Interaction and human affection.

We have  Medium Groodle puppies, Standard Groodle puppies,Spoodle puppies and Cavoodle puppies and our English Teddy groodle Puppies available  at times and they will be on our Puppies page.

Our aim is to provide happy and healthy pups with good breed standards, we have selected these three breeds because they are exceptional in temperament, family compatible and easy to maintain, with the added bonus of low shedding coats. The three different breeds also give you the choice of the size that would better suite your families
or personal preferences.

Groodle and Spoodle Puppies are de-sexed, wormed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and health checked before leaving for their new homes at nine weeks of age,we work closely with our vet to ensure the puppies have the best of care before departure.

Puppies can be flown anywhere in Australia or Internationally, we are happy to help with bookings and arrangements.

Business hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm and Saturday 9am to 12pm Please make enquiries within these hours.

Desexed Dog Facts
  • are better protected from certain illnesses and diseases
  • are generally less aggressive towards other dogs
  • tend to be more affectionate
  • are less inclined to roam or mark their territory
  • are less inclined to display mating behaviours such as mounting
Some research shows desexed dogs actually live longer.
The RSPCA and we at Rubyleigh practice early age desexing from the age of eight weeks when the surgery is simple and recovery is rapid.
We work very closely with our Vet, ensuring our dogs and puppies have the best of health care.