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Hi Leanne, just wanted to send through some photos of Bruce (14/01/19). He's got such a wonderful personality, has been easy to train and is such a good looking pupper.
 Some photos from then and now for you!

Merry Christmas Rubyleigh from Spoodle Rosie.

Thank you for the wonderful Tilly. She was 1 year old on January 2nd and has filled our lives with such laughter and joy. Tilly is affectionate, 
exuberant and, dare I say it, even has a sense of humour. She loves swimming and her twice daily walks . As you can see, although she weighs 24 kilos, she thinks she’s a lapdog!!



Hi Leanne,
Just wanted to share a 20-month update on Olive. She’s adored by everyone and a lot of our neighbours recognise our home as “Olive’s home”. We can’t imagine our lives without her.

Just wanting to say a huge thank you. Kara has turned one in December 2019 and has changed my life forever. She’s also accomplished being a trainee service dog, she’s one clever, playful and inquisitive girl.

Hi Lea,


A belated Happy New Year to you!

It has been a little while so thought I would touch base and let you know Elsie is doing really well.  She turned 2 on 5 December and continues to bring much joy to our family as well as being very popular with extended family and friends (inclusive of my sons’ soccer club where she is a regular at training and games).

So much so, and after much family discussion over the Christmas break (and research by myself), we have made the decision we would like to give Elsie a playmate.  Having had such a positive experience with Rubyleigh, we again would like to source another cavoodle puppy from you and therefore would like to be put on the waiting list (assuming you are comfortable with this).  If so, it would be appreciated if you could provide some updated information on expected litter dates, pricing and deposit amount (deposit can be paid as soon as required).

I have attached a couple of photos of Elsie taken earlier today in our back yard for you (just after dinner!).  Hopefully you can tell she is much loved, well cared for and very healthy.  You can be assured we would give another of your puppies a very good home.


Kind regards,



Dear Lea, I hope all is well with you as it is with the 3 of us here.

Baxter is huge, much bigger than we anticipated and by the size of his feet
he may still grow some more.  He is such a happy boy and wants to be
included in every aspect of our lives.  He loves it when my 2 grandsons
arrive and runs himself ragged.  At Christmas time we went  with the family
to their beach house and we couldn’t keep him out of the water.  Whenever he
sees a sprinkler,  or some other form of water he runs and just stands under
it. He is crazy!

Hi Lea
 I just wanted to message you to show you our gorgeous Tilly (Matilda) with Tanya Seekamp's Milly (who was purchased from you two years ago now). Our Tilly is 8 months old now! 
 You must be commended for breeding the most amazing cavoodles, they are the most beautiful dogs in both looks and personality.
 We thought you would enjoy seeing the girls together! 
 Olivia 😊

Hi Lea,

We absolutely adore Bruce! He is the most relaxed puppy with a great personality.
Thought you might like to post these pics on your Facebook page!

Anna and Jack

Hi Lea,

Just thought I would send you a photo and update of my beautiful boy, Charlie. He is the love of my life and couldn’t imagine my life without him. He is 11 months now. You breed beautiful dogs, thank you 💕💕💕

Allison Lacey

Our beautiful Suzie.  1 year old tomorrow.  I have been meaning to write and send photos to you, but I am sure you get inundated with all your other pups.  

We are very lucky to have her. She is loveable, mischievous and full of energy.

Suzie and I attend dog obedience classes.  It has been a good way for her to socialise with other dogs. (I always wonder how Suzie’s brothers are!)

Thanks again for a lovely spoodle.

Hope you are well.

Cheers from Suzie & Jean


 Hi Lea
Here are some pics of our funny Alice! Annette

 Spoodle Alice 2 Spoodle Alice

I have been meaning to email you for some time now! I can’t believe that Ruby is ONE – time flies and she has been a wonderful addition to the family – such an adorable and adventurous little pup! Well she isn’t so little anymore as she is close to 13kgs.
Ruby loves lots of cuddles and with living so close to the beach, she also loves going for walks on the sand and exploring or playing with her puppy friends. A couple of months ago she completed her first dog obedience training course and graduated at the top of her class! One of her favourite past times so far would definitely have to be digging in the backyard – a naughty habit she unfortunately hasn’t been able to shake yet. All that aside, Ruby has a very gentle nature and is loving pup and my home just wouldn’t be the same without her.
Spoodle ruby 4Spoodle Ruby 3Spoodle Ruby2Spoodle Ruby1Spoodle Ruby 5
Hi Lea
Hope you are well!
Kali is growing up quickly and is a very smart and affectionate girl.
Please see attached photo’s, some may need cropping 🙂
Kind regards
Spoodle Karli 5Spoodle Karli 6Spoodle KarliSpoodle Karli 2Spoodle Karli 3Spoodle Karli 4

Hi Leanne
Tilly is doing very well and we absolutely adore her. She is an unbelievably happy soul and brings us endless joy. Can't believe she is a year
 old. I have attached photos. Most are recent but a couple of puppy ones as well. As you can see she is boss of the house!
Many many thanks for Tilly and best wishes
Spoodle Tilly 2spoodle TillySpoodle Tilly 1IMG_7290Spoodle Tilly 4Spoodle Tilly 3Spoodle Tilly 5IMG_6643
Hi Leanne, With Easter nearly here I thought I would write to you to let you know how well our darling Korra is doing. Elmo and Korra are best friends and love to play together. She toilet trained easily after your advice about the crate. Thank you for that. She is now a skilled doggie door user! Apart from being totally adorable, she has settled into our family and is loved by all. Even people passing in the street will stop for a pat and admire her manners and looks. Thank you Leanne. We are very happy with our new baby Korra and are enjoying watching her grow bigger after each sleep! Cheers Simone ENGLISH TEDDY English teddyIMG_1904
So beautiful !Loooooooooves this ball 💕
Groodle SandyIMG_5714Groodle sandy 2

Hi Lea,

Below are a couple of photos of bobby. He has settled in well and we are so thankful. He has such a good personality. He got his first groom yesterday.
Thanks again.
Justin and Tara
Groodle BobbyIMG_20170618_182130
1 year old!!  Just the best and funniest fellow ever, thanks Leanne!!
Dear Leanne, Just had to give you an update on our favourite pooch - Zeus! 
Thank you so much for introducing him into our lives. He is such a wonderfully and beautifully natured dog. 
We couldn't imagine our lives without him. Sincerely, The Voons 
Zues image2zUES image1

Hi Lea
Sandy is such a sweet little thing !
Just another family member, sleeps on the day bed at night thanks to no shedding fur and is such a people dog! Loves people!
Training is going well, she is walking on her lead great and not pulling on the walk on the way back from school. She sits when bikers approach on the path and stays and on the school enclosed oval loves a run with me off her lead – comes, sits and stays. She’s a smart yet simple pup -We all love her to bits! Sandy loves playing fetch and does a cute little growl playing tug o war. She is ho early like the third child and just wants to be with us though content to be left home alone inside (just what we chose to do rather than make her an outdoor dog). We have never had a dog before and the greeting on our return home is gorgeous ! She gives so much and is loved so much.
Enjoyed camping with us lately too and was sooo good being restrained on a long lead. She loves her indoor life but also loves our big back garden with her own sandpit to dig in and run about.
I am so happy we chose RubyLeigh.
Couldn’t be happier with our well socialised pup. Sandy is just adorable!
linton 4linton 2IMG_4844linton GIMG_4845linton 5
Lizbeth Linton
“Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment. Fully alive. Fully aware. Full of love”.





Hi Leanne,

Just want to let you know that Felix is an amazing girl and we love her to bits. She’s very smart, and responds very well to training. A bit of a fussy eater, but she’s growing quickly (7.4kg now!!).
Attached are a couple of photos. Isn’t she just gorgeous!
Thank you!!
English Teddy
ET Felix 2 - CopyET Felix 3ET Felix 4
Hi Leanne
Just wanted to let you know Sandy is doing great ! She is a really sweet little thing, loves her mummy cuddles (I’m soaking them up before she gets too big!), her chew toys,  playing with the kids & her squeak toys and being around us. Hubby has taken the lead with training and despite the natural biting – teething we are distracting  her with toys. She has settled into our family just beautifully and the extra 6 family members visiting from NZ didn’t phase her at all. She began Puppy school today and was the class ‘model pup’ !
Sandy groodlesandy groodle IMG_2578
Dear Lea
Just a very quick note to tell you how thrilled we are with our Spoodle puppy, Fudge. She has a gorgeous temperament, and has been very easy to train. She has very quickly become part of our "pack" and we could not imagine life without her. She sleeps outdoors in her kennel, and is very happy with her own company. However, she also loves spending time with us, whether that be on walks, going out for coffee (and quietly watching the world go by), or simply sitting at our feet whilst we read. 

Fudge loves all her toys(of which she has a great variety), and we thought you may like this picture of her at 6 months doing the rounds of her garden territory.

Kind regards
Phillip and Renette Hepburn

Spoodle Fudge
Hi Leanne, I've been meaning to write to you to say that Huckleberry is the most divine dog and we all love him to bits. His temperament is perfect for our family, he's funny and goofy but quick to learn and nothing but gentle with our baby - they are like twins! I was wondering also if any of his brothers or sisters have homes in Sydney? I thought he might like a play date with them at some stage. Hope all is well with you. Kind regards, Vivien Spoodle Spoodle Hucklberry image2

Hi Leanne

Can’t believe how this year has flown.  Gus is thriving.  Still loves his daily walks and chasing birds around the park (the feathered variety).

He also loves to rumble with Golden Retrievers and labs.  His fondest for swimming is still strong – can’t get him out of the pool on a hot day.  He’s fitted into our family so well.

Hope all good with you.  Robyn


Groodle Gus Groodle Gus 2


Hi Leanne,
Here is a pic of Harry at 5 months….he has a lovely sociable personality…although I had forgotten that puppies are hard work. Our main problem is taking him for a walk….so many people want to pat him it’s hard to get from A to B.
PS   Harry is going to be a big boy!


Groodle Harry



Hi Leanne

Hope all is going well.

Its maxi’s 1st birthday today, and I wanted to thank you once again for your beautiful gift to us and my family, maxi is such a beautiful boy and the most gentle creature, we all Love him and cannot imagine our lives without him, we are celebrating his birthday on Wed, same as my sons, shall send you some pics.


Have a lovely ay



Maxi cavoodle 1MG_0002

Just thought I Would share a photo of Henry. Spoodle

He is coming up to 4 months old and has settled in just fine. Toilet training has been a breeze and he has slept though abut 9 hours in his crate since about the 3rd night.

Our neighbours son was so taken with Henry, I believe he and his wife have placed an order for another Chocolate Spoodle.(I would imagine that will come from the same parents )

Henry is definitely a people dog he just goes nuts when the grand kids arrive but t will be nice if he gets a cousin to play with later in the year.

Thanks again ,we both luv the little guy.

Brad & Gail
Spoodle henry IMG_0746 - Copy
Hi Lea
Just wanted to let you know what a beautiful dog Bob is !!
He is so easy going and kind and gentle, the boys love him to bits - we all do !
He loves a swim in the ocean ,a good game of rugby ,and just being next to one of us all the time !!

We always get stopped when out walking him and people comment how beautiful he is !

We just wanted to let you know he is fit and well and very much loved !!

Kind regards

Lucy and Barry 
Bob Groodle IMG_0656 - Copy

One year old today🍾 Glorious dog, he's so wonderful. We're hoping he's stopped growing.... Vanessa Sutton Padley 


Groodle padleyIMG_0688 Groodle Padley 1 Groodle padley2


Hi Leanne,

Just wanted to touch base and thank you for our lovely ‘Louie’.

My husband drove from Adelaide to Goulburn to pick him up June.  A long drive but he coped really well and slept most of the way.

Louie is now nearly six months old and fully toilet trained (has been for the last couple of months).

He is a huge part of our family and we absolutely adore him. He enjoys going for a walk to explore and just loves being with us.

He has a bath once or twice a week, depending how inquisitive he has been and he enjoys being pampered. His coat is very easy to care for and people frequently comment on how gorgeous he is.

He is loyal and affectionate and loves nothing better than to have a cuddle. He thinks he is a lap dog and we are working on that !!!

We have three cats so that was a bit interesting for the first few months. Our youngest cat ‘Monty’ just loves to play with him and has been very patient and put up with a lot of rough and tumble. He has no problems in herding the cats around the house now that he has found his voice.

We are starting to spend more time training him but overall he is very well behaved.

He is a little bit of a wuss at the vet but still enjoys meeting everyone.

Nothing better than walking through the door to be greeted by his beautiful fluffy face. We are all in love with him.

Thank you so much for helping to bring so much joy into our lives.

We are looking forward to a little brother for Louie in December, double trouble!!


King Regards from The Richardson family xx


Groodle louie 11 Groodle louie 10 Groodle louie 8 Groodle louie 3 Groodle LouieIMG_6456 Groodle louie 6




Hi Lea

I have lots of photos of my Spoodle Bonnie. Bonnie is over two years old now. She has grown up to be a very lovely dog. She is intelligent, obedient, cuddly and so lovable. Every body who knows her loves her especially children. She loves her walks and lately I have been walking her twice a day for half an hour each time.  All the kids we meet will greet her and the adults will comment how cute she is.

Spoodle Bonnie 12 IMG_3227 Spoodle Bonnie 10 Spoodle Bonnie 7 IMG_3139 Spoodle Bonnie 9
We all love her and she brings us so much joy. She is always by my side no matter what I am doing. And when I go out she will wait for me by the glass window till I return.

Hi lea,

Doogal is going really well. Finished puppy school last week and we’re still going to puppy social which he loves. He is fitting in really well with all our family and friends. He’s an awesome puppy and I we love him heaps.

Cheers Sue


Doogal groodle


Hi Leanne

Im so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, We are loving having Flynn he is very much one of the family. Michael and Flynn are inseparable they play together all the time in cubby houses or battles side by side
He has been very easy to train he’s very smart loves the beach and pool and walks I have to spell it or he starts to jump up and down with delight
He loves his cuddles and mike and himself nearly fight to sit next to me at night.  He still acts like a pup sometimes and gives us great pleasure 
We all love him very much
Thank you

Noreen and the boys

Spoodle Flynn


Spoodle Flynn 4 Spoodle Flynn 3 Spoodle Flynn2 Spoodle Flynne

Hey Leanne, Chester is doing very well ! Here are some photos 🙂


groodle Chester Groodle Chester 4 Groodle Chester 3 Groodle Chester 2



Dear Lea

Here are a few photos of Moffatt out of the hundreds that we have. He is a great dog, loves everyone, all dogs, all cats, all kids. Loves the beach and swimming in the ocean – or just going for a drive or a long walk. He has his own Instagram page – Moffatt Pelly, if you want to follow him. He is growing up so fast, we sometimes think you must have crossed him with a horse, lol, but he is the centre of our life, the apple of our eye and we couldn’t imagine life without him.

Cheers Chris & Ferg



Groodle Moffat 2 Groodle moffat 5 Groodle Moffat 4 Groodle moffat 3 Groodle Moffat 1


Hi Leanne

Barney is a sensation .. Lovely little bloke .. awesome temperament.

Barney Chocolate Spoodle


spoodle barney 3Spoodle Barney 2spoodle barney

Hi Leanne

ArchieArchie has settled so well into our family, he is one of the kids for sure as they do almost everything together.
He was very well toilet trained from the beginning (he has only had a handful of accidents) and is responding very well to training.
Archie loves to walk and socialise in the dog park near our house, and loves spending time with relative’s dogs too.
We couldn’t be happier with our ‘little’ man, can’t imagine life without him!
I have attacked a photo taken this morning, he had a haircut 2 weeks ago. I have to say, he didn’t mind a bit of pampering 😀
Take care,
Katie and Andrew Rowley

Archie English Teddy






Hi Leanne,

lucyJust thought I would drop you a line to let you know that Lucy has settled in really well and we are very happy with her. She has graduated from
Puppy School and is ready for the next level of training.

Lucy spent her first Easter up our shack (photos attached) and loves the water and the boat. She is really friendly and everyone loves her.

Thanks again for providing us with such a beautiful puppy.






Hi Lea,

Tilly has settled in well, delightful personality, loved by teenage girls and everyone else she meets. A beautiful and intelligent puppy who turns heads wherever she goes.

Thank you for such a beautiful dog,

Best Wishes,

Joy and John


Thought I would give you an update about our beautiful puppy Nala!

She is now just over 10 months and has grown SO fast. She is 25kg, all skin, bone and fluff. She is a very active dog with daily trips to the park and beach. She comes to Cowra with us ever 6 weeks and loves running around the property and trying to play with the cows and ponies. She had a beach holiday up at Byron Bay and was a ’surfy girl’, she loves the water! Everyone still gushes over her and we can not walk down the street without someone stopping us to have a pat and ask what breed she is, I thought her ‘cuteness’ would go after the little puppy stage! We leave her fur long and she loves being brushed and going to the groomers. We have a great time with her and absolutely adore her, she is a very spoilt dog. She has settled into our family and has a very sweet personality. She loves to be included in everything and Marty and I can not hug or cuddle on the couch without her nuzzling her way between us.  I have attached some photos of her which I’m happy for you to use.

We were also in an article in the Daily Telegraph a little while back. There are some of their professional photos.

Thank you so much for our wonderful dog 🙂 she brings us so much happiness. (sorry couldn’t pick just a couple photos so sent lots!)

Laura and Marty

ruby groodle puppy

Hi Leanne

My partner surprised me with a groodle puppy from you and picked her up in early June.

We named her Ruby. She is the most beautiful girl, she has the best nature and is very playful. She has become a big part of our family, you could even say she rules the roost. Ruby spends little time on her own as my partner and I work different hours she is rarely left for more than 3 hours at a time. She sleeps in our room and after just a few weeks was sleeping through the night with no accidents at all in the house. She enjoys spending time indoors and outdoors and will happily let us know if she wants to be in or out with her big deep bark. She started puppy school and has graduated the beginners and is now onto the next level. She goes for an hours walk almost every day up a reserve near our house and has regular puppy play dates with other friends dogs.

I’ve attached some pictures of her for you.

Thanks for our beautiful girl we could not have asked for a better dog – we love her.



Hi Leanne. Dog is wonderful! Pics attached.




Hi Lea,

He’s just wonderful and so naughty – but we adore him!! I did try to send an email a while back but it kept bouncing (?). He’s a few photos of our Zeus!

Hope all is well with you.

Thanks again from bring Zeus to us. He us a much loved part of our family.



Hi Lea,

Thought you may like to see how bandit is getting on. Here he is with his best friend smokey!

He’s a beautiful puppy with such a sweet temperament and a wonderful addition to our household.

Karen Tisdell

english teddy matilday

Hi Leanne,

Here are some updated photos of Matilda. She is doing really well and is happy and healthy. She just had her last vaccination last week so vet said 1-2 more weeks and we can take her out. It is getting difficult to give her enough exercise at home so we can not wait, she is also starting to get a bit tubby. Haha. I did take her for a walk today on the footpath.



Hi Lea,

Thank you for our beautiful puppy! Nala is doing really well, she didn’t like the car trip back to Sydney much and we will need to work on the car trips as she makes herself sick. She has had a great first week and has settled straight in. She sleeps through the night and is so happy.

She had her vet visit today and he was very impressed with her and how organised everything was. He was amazed with how calm she was and what a beautiful temperament/personality she has. She got a perfect health result and has set us up with a worming and tick prevention and program. He took your details so he can refer others to you.
She has been for a couple of walks and everyone wants to pat her and says how beautiful she is. We will be going to puppy school in a couple of weeks, she knew her name after a day and is great at sitting.

Thank you so much, we can’t express how happy we are 🙂 I have attached a couple of photos


Marty & Laura


Dear Leanne

I thought you might like to see some photos of how Frankie our beautiful standard Groodle has grown up. Frankie brings us so much joy and is loved by the family and everyone who meets her. People often approach us and comment on how beautiful and well behaved she is. From the moment I picked her up at the airport on Christmas Eve, she was so happy and showed lots of love and affection straight away. Frankie was a Christmas surprise for my family and she brought about lots of tears of happiness and laughter, we all feel in love.

Frankie’s has a lovely happy temperament, she is nearly 8 months old and is just adorable, she is very intelligent and learns quickly and has graduated to Group 3 at Obedience school. My husband recently bought a ‘stand up paddle board’ and Frankie is a natural and loves going out for a ride on the board.

Leanne, I would like to personally thank you for your support and guidance during the purchase of our puppy. I was very unsure about getting a puppy sight unseen and also having the puppy travel such a long distance. However, I was able to let you know what type of puppy we wanted from color to personality traits and you picked Frankie who matched our family perfectly. You regularly sent photos of little Frankie and this really helped to get to know her before she arrived at our home. Your help with organising Frankie’s air travel and feeding guidelines was invaluable.

Congratulations on breeding beautiful healthy happy puppies, I truly know that Frankie has come from a breeder whom has shown a lot of love and care for her dogs, as this reflects through to  Frankie’s happy nature every day. I highly recommend anyone to purchase a beautiful Rubyleigh Designer Dog.

We thank you so very much, Frankie truly warms our hearts.

Helen, Michael, Emma & Nicole Froling

Nth Queensland


Hi Leanne

Attached are a couple of shots of Gus. His coat isn’t curly /more fluffy but no shedding which is fabulous.
Gus is thriving and graduated Puppy School on the weekend. He seems to learn / pick up instructions quite quickly. He has fitted into our family so easily. He enjoys swimming in our pool and loves riding on a surfboard and being pushed around.

He is a very social dog both with humans of all ages and other dogs. He tends to gravitate towards Golden Retrievers and larger dogs in the Puppy park and loves to run around with the big guys.
We have been stopped so many times in the Puppy Park as people constantly comment on his appearance and what a good looking dog he is – there doesn’t seem to be another dog that looks like him in our neighbourhood.

I’ll shoot through more photos as he gets older.

english teddy puppy schmuts

Hi Lea,

A couple of photos for you. Schmutz is growing at a rapid rate, 4kg in 4 weeks, she’s 10kg now.
She is such a good girl, bringing us much joy.

spoodle harper

Hi Leanne

I just thought it would be nice for you to know how harper is going. She is an amazing dog and has settled into our family really well, she is such a character and we all love her to pieces. I will forward you a photo too so you can see how beautiful she is. Thank you for all your help in the early days.

Kind regards


english teddy toby


This is Fynne, he is a beautiful Rubyleigh Spoodle.

Sorry for being slow at pics he’s fitting in really well loves his walks and lots of cuddles.






Spoodle Bonnie

My son Paul and I brought our spoodle, Bonnie, home on 3 August 2014. She is a part of the family from that day.

We were totally impressed with how caring Leanne was to the puppies and the other dogs and we appreciate how helpful she was to us.

Bonnie is such a happy and cute puppy. She is intelligent and learned tricks very quickly. She is a bundle of joy, full of energy, playful and enjoy her daily walk.

Patricia Hew


groodle nedGroodle Ned

Groodle, Ned’s first haircut at 6 months old 🙂 What a handsome boy!!!








Last year my family was faced with the death of our beloved labradoodle, Neville. He was 12 years old and had been with us for all but ten weeks of his life. He wasn’t ‘just a pet” he was part of the family. He was loyal, loving funny and very smart and loving dog. Being dog lovers we knew that it was only natural to have another dog in our lives. But what do you get.

The original reason we went for a labradoodle was due to my asthma and allergies associated with it. It didn’t want to go for the same breed again as I felt I would compare too much but I wanted something similar. I have always thought the Golden Retriever to be noble and loyal so I started looking into the “Designer breed of the Groodle. Where do you start? Where do you go? I loved the thought of having a Groodle but was also trying to be very careful and stay away from puppy farms.

I came across Rubyleigh Designer dogs on the internet on one of my many late night searches. On the website it was listed that a litter was due late December, this was perfect for us. I called Leanne to find out more about her and how she ran her business of ‘puppies”. She was very open and honest and I felt comfortable enough to place a deposit. We wanted a boy and *Ralph Henry” was born late Decernber 2013 along with one other brother and seven sisters. This news was shared with us pretty much straight away and photos followed soon after. Leanne was always willing and available to talk when we called.

We had been told that we could visit once the pups were 4 weeks old. Being in Melbourne and Rubyleigh in Goulburn we didn’t think we would be able to go but last minute, we decided to make a
holiday out of the Australia Day weekend. We spoke to Leanne made arrangements and she was most welcoming when we arrived on what was a very hot day. She showed us everywhere, we got to
meet the parents of Ralph and to see all the puppies play together. We got to have our first cuddles and this really confirmed for us that we had chosen the right breeder. Once Ralph hit 12 weeks and was old enough to fly Leanne also helped with all the arrangements to get him to us safely. The next day in the mail all the paperwork arrived. We took him to the local vet the next week and he gave him the tick of Approval for a fine fit and healthy dog.

Ralph the puppy – When we received Ralph he was already desexed and microchipped. He has the softest of fur and too date has not lost any of it. Regular brushing is required as it can matt,
especially around the bottom.

He has a very calm and inquisitive nature. I have a seven year old daughter and the bond he has found with her is amazing. He will sit at the window and wait for her to come home from school.
On the days when the local paper or junk mail is delivered Cecelia will give it to him and he runs inside, proud as punch and delivers the mail.
(He will only do this for her though). If you put the time in he is very easy to train. He picked this up within a day and knows if there is a chance of food the spot is the place to go.
He sleeps in his crate of a night and after only two nights no puppy tears.
We started with the crate in our bedroom and gradually moved it further away. I tell him bedtime and he hops in no worries. We are still working on the lead walking. He likes being mound people rather
than alone and it has often been commented that he is a “big sook”.
The more he grows the more yo can see his personality develop. Like all puppies he likes to have a good chew so we have found you can’t leave anything in reach. When he was 4 months old we took him
to a family BBQ and he was so well behaved around all the young kids. He put up with everything they threw at him and when he had enough he would go to his crate with his teddy and go to sleep.
I would recommend a Groodle for anyone looking for a big dog that is very friendly and placid in nature. They love company, if you can’t give that to them that is when they will be/are destructive.
If you are looking for a reputable breeder I highly recommend Leanne at Rubyleigh Designer dogs in Goulburn.

The facilities are up to date, the puppies, mums and dads are all well cared for. You can tell she has a real passion for what she does. What a beautiful boy we have ended up with.

Justine Davies

mini spoodles oscar huxley

Mini Spoodles, Oscar and Huxley

Rubyleigh is a fabulous breeder. We viewed the website and asked if we could come out to meet the dogs. We were welcomed and very impressed with what we saw. All the dogs are well looked after and happy.  We met with the breeder onsite again shortly after little Oscar and Huxley were born. This was important to us to see that the puppies are being looked after. All the puppies in Oscar and Huxley’s litter (11!) were well cared for. The breeder (Leanne) was very friendly and more than happy for us to visit anytime. The breeder (Leanne) was able to give us some great advice as first time dog owners. We would highly recommend Rubleigh to anyone.



Mini Groodle Dug

We bought our lovely mini-groodle Dug in January 2013 and he immediately found his place in our family. He is a most gentle yet energetic playmate for our 15 month old and has been easy to train. We couldn’t have been happier with the service we received from Rubyleigh dogs. Their service to us included: researching delivery options (interstate); allowing flexible delivery; giving us plenty of information on groodles; and providing lots of photos from the birth of the puppies until we brought Dug home so he already felt like part of the family. I would definitely recommend Rubyleigh designer dogs to anyone looking for a lovely companion.


Mini Spoodle Sam

I picked up my Spoodle Sam from Rubyleigh early in 2012. Leanne was very helpful throughout.  It was great to drop -in and see the litter with Mum, before returning when Sam was old enough to come home with me. Sam had a lovely and calm temperament from the beginning. I would recommend Leanne and Rubyleigh to anyone looking for a well adjusted, happy and healthy puppy to join their household.


Mini Groodle

mini-groodle-daisyWe are very happy with our decision to purchase our mini groodle pup from Ruby Leigh Designer Dogs. Daisy has settled in quickly; and with the help of puppy pre-school is an easy to train, beautiful natured dog.She is quite active, but manages to cope with our family mostly being at work or school each day. Daisy joined our family at 8 weeks of age and our children (aged 7 and 10) enjoy feeding, grooming, playing and walking with her. Daisy is full of personality and can be a bit of a wild child at times. She loves to steal things from the kids bedrooms so that they will chase her, she is quick and loves a good game of chase!
Daisy is a real part of our family and goes everywhere with us. She loves being in the back seat of the carin between the kids where she gets plenty of attention. She is very sociable with people and other dogs and loves a good long walk or run where she sees plenty of both. Daisy is super-smart and responded well to puppy pre-school. She learnt very quickly to ‘come’, ‘sit’, ‘drop’,‘stay’, roll over’ and ‘shake’ and graduated top of her class. She has quickly found a place in all our hearts. She is always close by, enjoys being handled, is easy to groom, easy to please. She puts a smile on all our faces every day!
The Nealls x
Mini Groodle & Spoodle
We are lucky enough to have two puppies from Ruby Leigh, one a Mini-Groodle, the other a Spoodle. Both dogs are happy and healthy with lovely temperaments.
There is also no doubt they are both very cute! Our kids are both thrilled with the puppies and love showing them off at every opportunity.
Ruby Leigh was fantastic to deal with from the first phone call to the day we got the puppies and beyond. Always willing to answer questions, quick to respond and sent us lots of photos of their progress from the day they were born. I can thoroughly recommend them to any one wanting a beautiful dog.
Mini Groodles
Congratulations to Bruno and Daisy for Graduating puppy School. You have done your loving family and Rubyleigh Proud.
mini-groodles bruno daisy
Mini Spoodle Frankie
Hi Rubyleigh & Team

Thank you so much for breeding the most wonderful doggie. Frankie’s temperament is fantastic, she is very kind, loving and so intelligent! She picks up on her training very quickly. Everywhere we go, people are always stopping us to say that Frankie is the most beautiful dog.
Rubyleigh’s service was perfect, we were impressed by the treatment of their dogs and also the love they gave to the puppies!
 When we decide to get a sister or brother for our little Frankie we will definitely be in touch with Rubyleigh and Team. Attached is a photo of me and my little family and one of our little ray of sunshine, Frankie.
 Guy & Nina